The Car Seat Installer

Shana has been a certified car seat installer since 2007. She was trained through the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation. For 10 years she owned and operated Wee Travel Baby Equipment Rentals so teaching people to install car seats safely was a necessity.  Shana sold the business in 2014 to focus on her next venture – making the roads a safer place for kids by training customers on proper car seat installation and use. When not running Sit Tight, Shana devotes her time to her clinical counselling practise, the stock market and her family (not in that order!).

(More) TIPS for Safe Car Seat Use

-The safest place to attach the seat is in the middle of the back seat. It is the least convenient but safest spot. Check if your car has a car seat attachment for the middle.

-NEVER put a car seat in the front seat.

-A long stay in a car seat is not good for your baby. A seat is not a crib replacement. Studies have shown that a newborn’s chest can compress, which limits oxygen. Lengthy sits can also contribute to flat spots on the back of the head.

-Reclining a rear-facing seat at the incorrect angle may mean your baby flops forward which is uncomfortable and unsafe. Most seats have angle indicators or adjusters.  Install only according to the manufacturer’s instructions.