cute baby in car seatCar Seat Installation Done Right!

 by SitTight

At Sit Tight, our certified car seat installation technicians will teach you how to safely install your car seat to manufacturer’s and government safety standards so you’ll feel confident installing your car seat on your own.
85% of car seats are installed incorrectly.  Are you in the 15%?
Visit us at our convenient 11th and Burrard location in Vancouver, BC.
Car Seat Check $15
  • To confirm you have installed your seat safely. This check does not include a car seat installation lesson.
  • If we determine your seat is installed incorrectly we can teach you how to install it properly for an additional $10 fee.
Car Seat Installation Lesson $25
  • Bring your car seat manual and the car manual
  • Each lesson takes approximately 30 minutes.
TIPS for Safe Car Seat Use
-Do not install a used seat if you don’t know its entire history.  If a car seat has been in the slightest accident (even a fender bender) it should be discarded as it may have been compromised.  Weakness is not always visible.
-There is an expiration date stamped into all car seats. Pay attention to that date. Plastic breaks down and therefore will weaken.
-Always read the manual for the car seat AND the car before installing the seat.
-Try before you buy. Stores should allow you to take the car seat  to your car. All seats are different and all cars are different. Some seats fit better in one car vs another.
  Government of Canada Information on Recalls + Safe Installation here
BCAA Car Seat Safety Information and videos here