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Do you need a child car seat safely installed? Are you wondering if your car seat installation meets all safety requirements? At Sit Tight our safe car seat installation services ensure your baby’s car seat installation meets all safety and legal requirements. Our certified car seat technicians will walk you through the car seat installation process so that you will be confident installing your child’s car seat safely on your own.

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(Even More) TIPS for Safe Car Seat Use

-Put all the warm items on your baby AFTER you have buckled him in. In an accident everything compacts. If your baby is wearing a bulky coat etc, it will compress and your child can shoot out of the straps in an accident.

-Make sure there is space between the back of a rear-facing seat and the front seat that it butts up against. There must be space for it to move safely so it will work properly in an accident.

-The safest way for anyone to travel is rear-facing. Car seats can remain rear facing to very high weight maximums. Don’t be in a rush to turn your child forward facing.

-Has your car seat been recalled? Sign up for Health Canada’s recall emails. Check out Health Canada’s advisory, warnings and recalls page.